بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

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By using this website, you agree to our Terms & Conditions. If you do not agree, kindly do not use or access our services and website.

This website has a strict privacy policy and you cannot re-use any images, videos or information on this website before taking prior written permission. You are expected to have a good code of conduct while using our website and availing of our services. Indecent behavior will not be tolerated.


All prices on this website are in Indian Rupees INR

Once we receive the order, we start customising your order and dispatch it ASAP.

The expected time of Delivery is 15 Days due to Covid Restrictions.

Further delay can occur in case of Lockdown or Curfew.


In case of payment issues, immediately contact our customer support  theummatistoreofficial@gmail.com with screenshot proofs.

Our Team is dedicated to Solving the Payment Issues of the customer.

The customer needs to co-operate with our team in providing all the proofs needed to prove the genuineness of the order.


Once the order has been successfully placed by the customer, The Order cannot be Cancelled.

No Refund will be provided in this case.

The customising, packaging, and the shipping process starts immediately after the order is placed. Orders once placed cannot be canceled and will not be refunded. The customer has to receive the product they paid for from our Brand.

All purchases will be Non-Refundable.

In case of a sizing issue, contact our customer support. The customer has to return the product to our office address. Refund of Delivery Charges will not be provided. Once the product is received, an exchange item will be dispatched immediately.

The length of the product is selected by the customer at the time of purchase, exchange cannot be provided on the height and length of the product. Contact our customer support for any help.

Any Product cannot be returned/exchanged based on the satisfaction of the customer. Satisfaction is subject to personal preferences. No return or refund will be provided in this case.

Exchanges are accepted only if there is any manufacturing defect. TIn this case, the customer has to send the Picture Proofs of the Product Received. Once the Manufacturing Team confirms the Genuineness of the Defect Claimed, The material should be sent back to us at the official address.

The product has to be dispatched within 2 days of receiving the delivery. The delivery charges for the return will not be refunded. Only after the products are received back to our office, you will be mailed a coupon code which you can redeem on our website for your next purchase or the exchange item will be dispatched immediately.

All sales & discounted purchases are non-exchangeable.

No Exchange/Return will be given for Jewellery and Pins.

Quran and Gift Sets are Non- Refundable and Non- Returnable. 


We have a Zero Tolerance Policy.

Aggressive and abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Our team is here to help, not to be hurt.

Any type of rude misbehaviour and abusive language with our staff is NOT TOLERATED.

Our Team holds the right to immediately STOP Providing any Help or Services.

Our Team holds the right to Block the rude customer.

Our Team Holds the right to Deny any Refund or Exchange in case of any Misbehaviour.

Our Team Holds the right to Cancel any Order in case of misconduct from the customer.

Our Teams Holds the right to Take Strict Legal Action if the customer gives any Threat.

Keep in mind we have a Strong Legal Team and Written Policies to back us up. The customer cannot threaten to sue the company or the proprietor, it won’t be tolerated and can land you in Big Legal Trouble.

Customers are expected to maintain a respectful mode of communication while addressing their issues.

Our Team is here to help you not to bear your Tantrums.


If Our Company has Dispatched the products from our office, we have done our part of fulfilling Your Service/ Product which you paid for.

If the product is already in Transit, the customer has to patiently wait until they receive the parcel.

Company is Not Responsible for Delayed Delivery.

Product Deliveries are done via Third Party Courier Services. They are responsible for carrying out the delivery process and doing the deliveries on time because they have been Paid for it.

Failure of Delivery / Damaged Product Received / Returned Order (RTO)/  Negligence or Behaviour of Courier Person ( Who is the Employee of the Courier Company ) in doing His Duty is Not Our Responsibility. For all these grievances, the Courier Company is held accountable.

We can only try to Help You as best as we can but we cannot be held responsible for it.

Our Company is not responsible for the behavior or way of delivering the product, Negligence in work

( Giving Call to the Customer ) done by the Courier Delivery Person. The Courier Person is an employee of the courier service company and any unbearable act done by their employee has to be reported/ complained to the concerned courier company. Our company cannot control how courier guys do their jobs. Hence, we are not responsible for any act or Negligence in the work of the courier company or their employees. 

Some customers demand that Quran Delivery should only be done by Muslim Courier Person.

This is an impossible and impractical demand. We cannot control whom the delivery service sends for delivery. Hirings don’t happen based on religion and we cannot control this.

In case our company offers a Refund, The customer will be refunded their money after deducting the shipping and damages charges. 50% of the amount they paid will be refunded.

The company holds the right to deduct 50% of the amount for the shipping, damages, and service charge and Refund 50% of the order amount as a courtesy to the customer. 

No Refund will be provided for Non- Refundable Products.

Kindly keep in mind our Zero Tolerance Policy to ensure we can Help Solve Your Issue smoothly.

The Brand, Ummati Store reserves all right to cancel your order without any explanation of doing so.

The company will Legally Sue Any Person involved in defaming The Company or the Owner of the Company in any way possible. Strict Legal Action will be taken against such individual.

We hold all the right to change or modify our Terms & Conditions.

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